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Diet Soap Podcast #130: The Experience of an Idea
January 08, 2012 12:30 AM PST
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The guest this week is the pop philosopher Daniel Coffeen. Mister Coffeen is a recurring guest to Diet Soap, and this week we discuss his essay The Experience of An Idea which was posted on Thought Catalog last July.

It's Sunday, January 8th, 2012, and I'm Douglas Lain the host of this podcast.

I want to thank Ishmael for donating to the podcast last week. I'd taken the donate button down from the podomatic site, but he found a link on the old diet soap blog and a copy of my book Pick Your Battle is jetting to the UK right now. I also want to announce that I'm hoping to start a Diet Soap philosophy workshop this year. The idea is to invite people to become regular donors to the podcast and join up to participate in a monthly philosophy workshop online. There will be more details on that front next week. But I will point out that I've still got a half box of copies of my book Pick Your Battle and a box full of my new book Wave of Mutilation is on its way to me, so in the future contributors to the podcast will be able to pick which book they'd like to receive in exchange for a donation.

Speaking of reading I also want to point out that Thought Catalog published a collection of essays on the subject of Pleasure or Enjoyment in this Late Capitalist Epoch. These were actually letters that I wrote to Daniel Coffeen and that he wrote back to me, and I think the epistolary form worked well for this bit of writing. So I'll provide a link to those in the show notes for this episode.

The music in the podcast included Edie Brickell's What I Am (a Karaoke version), Brian Eno's Music for Film, and the Who's classic "Can't Explain." The voices talking over the music included Rick Roderick describing Heidegger's ideas about anxiety and despair, Herbert Dreyfus and Bryan Magee discussing Heidegger on the BBC, and Andy Warhol discussing how Pop Art has become repetitious. Right now you're listening to the music played during the opening credits to Soderbergh's Kafka, but in just a moment you'll be listening to another Titanic Factoid.

Diet Soap Podcast #121: Three Marxists (pt. 2)
October 10, 2011 01:28 PM PDT
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This is a podcast that sees and wants to seize the Late Capitalist moment. On Diet Soap we consider what it would mean to #occupyingeverything and we attempt to realize philosophy. The guest this week is Brendan Cooney and we'll be finishing off the second part of our conversation about Crisis theory and three Marxists thinkers. We discuss David Harvey, Rick Wolff, and Andrew Kliman. There is also an interesting conversation about the role of theory and the need for political movements, a conversation that seems dated to me now that #occupywallstreet has found its legs.

The show has moved to Mondays because I've found part time work for the Oregon Symphony and will have to put the shows together on the weekends. Also, that move back to the Symphony might mean that the podcast features even more Classical music. We'll see.

Diet Soap has been on hiatus for the past few weeks, but I want to thank Andrew M, Pieter L, Michael T, David B, and Bruce P for donating in the last few weeks. It's great to get so much support even though the podcast was shut down due to technical difficulties. My old iMac died just before Steve Jobs shed his mortal coil, but now I've got a little Mac Mini. What I'd really like is a Linux machine made out of recycled wood and spit that will upgrade itself using nanotechnology. Anybody know where I can find one of those for the price of an iPad? Anyhow, copies of Pick Your Battle are still available through the end of this month, and Bruce P and Pieter L will be receiving copies of the book soon (the other donors had already received copies).

In other news, a few things have happened since the last podcast. I mentioned #occupywallstreet at the start, and I have to say that while I was skeptical about the movement as it was described by Adbusters over the summer, I have to say that the movement has already transformed itself and is getting stronger. At the end of this episode Cooney comments that there is no movement of radicals who could use and transform radical theory. That might have been true when he said that a month or so ago, but it may not be true anymore. We'll see.

I'd promised to include excerpts from my upcoming novella Wave of Mutilation on the podcast until I'd finished reading the whole story, and I'll return to that. But in an effort to get this podcast out I'm skipping that segment this week. The music you're listening to now is El Cholu by Tosca Tango which is the theme from the Linklater film, waking life, but in just a moment you'll be listening to Brendan Cooney and I discuss how to #occupywallstreet

The music and sounds this week include music from Tosca Tango and Waking Life, the human microphone at #occupywallstreet chanting the words of my hero Slavoj Zizek, Brendan Cooney's youtube video What is Capitalism, Arturo Toscanini conducting the Internationale in 1944, and an advertisement for #occupywallstreet.

Diet Soap Podcast #117: The Democracy of the Proletariat?
August 26, 2011 12:32 AM PDT
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The guest this week is the Marxist and academic expert on post-Marxism Geoffrey Boucher. Professor Boucher wrote an essay criticizing Zizek's rejection of direct democracy for the Journal of Zizek Studies, and he was very kind to come to Diet Soap and discuss it.

I want to thank a listener for sending me a handmade pipe (I feel it adds to my pseudointellectual persona) in exchange for a copy of my book Pick Your Battle, and also thank Nicholas J and Sam Q for donating to the podcast. Those copies of my surrealist self-help (that's PIck Your battle Your guide to Urban Foraging, Hollywood Movies, Late Capitalism, and the Communist ALternative) will be arriving in your mailboxes soon.

I also want to tell everyone to find Diet Soap on Facebook, find me under douglain on twitter, to find my blog douglaslain.com, to find the dietsoapcast.com blog (and I promise I'll update it really soon, it's been dead for a month), and if you're wanting to read very odd short stories you can find me on amazon.

The music in this week's episode includes the instrumental track from the Who's "Who Are You," and an acoustic guitar cover of the Spice Girls Wannabe performed by the youtube star Sam Westphalen on the AIMTVSYDNEY channel.

Diet Soap #103: My Chicken Believes in the Revolution
May 12, 2011 01:37 AM PDT
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The returning guest this week is the philosopher and psychoanalyst Adrian Johnston, and we discuss his book Badiou, Zizek, and Political Transformations. This is part two of a two part conversation.

Thank you Andrew M, Kurt O, Penny R, Michael S, and Lukas M for donating to the podcast and getting the Pick Your Battle book. The book is at the printers now and should be arriving here around the 26th. Those of you who haven't already ordered a copy can get one by donating to the podcast. The minimum donation is $6 to receive the book in the mail, but I should tell you the book is now available in the Amazon Kindle store for $5.95 as well, so if you prefer to read on a Kindle and save a nickle that's an option too.

I should also announce that my second short story collection entitled "Fall Into Time" was recently released from Eraserhead Press and is also available on Amazon.

Diet Soap Podcast #102: How to Act In Case of an Event
May 05, 2011 01:05 AM PDT
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The philosopher and psychoanalyst Adrian Johnston returns this week to discuss his book Badiou, Zizek, and Political Transformations. The conversation lasted two hours so this episode will be part one of a two part examination of the act, the event, and how to strive for both.

Also, in case you're wondering, Osama bin Laden is still dead.

The Pick Your Battle guide to Urban Foraging, Critical Theory and groping towards a Praxis is still available to everyone who donates $6 or more to the podcast, and I want to thank Andrew M, Sami R, Richard B, and James L for making a donation in exchange for a copy of the book.

Diet Soap Podcast #97: Capitalism's Cycles of Crisis
March 31, 2011 12:33 AM PDT
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Brendan Cooney returns for the second part of a two part conversation about the economic crisis, the declining rate of profit, underconsumption, and the economic philosophy of our best pal Karl Marx. We also discuss Net Neutrality and the great Comcast/Apple Computer conspiracy (the name of that conspiracy is of course Capitalism.) We say goodbye to Joe Bageant this week. Joe was taken by cancer, and I like to think he's up in heaven tripping balls with Tim Leary and Terence McKenna. Joe was a true working class hero and a terrific writer. His books Deer Hunting With Jesus and Rainbow Pie put the Red in Red Neck, while his spirit and humor put heart and soul back into politics. Listen for a homage sound montage at the end of the podcast. I'll miss you, Joe. There is a Counter-Counter Insurgency Convergence at Reed College this weekend. That's my neighborhood so if you're in Portland and want to meet up for this contact me through douglaslain.com.
Diet Soap Podcast #96: Marxism and Value
March 24, 2011 01:07 AM PDT
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The Marxist autodidact, youtube star, and blogger Brendan Cooney discusses the economic philosophy of that big German guy Karl Marx. Cooney is a very accessible and entertaining thinker and pedagogue.
In other Lain related news my short story "The Last Apollo Mission" is available at flurb. What is flurb? It's an online 'zine of astonishing tales usually edited and published by Rudy Rucker but, this month, edited by Eileen Gunn.
Also there are Cooney clips about Kapitalism this week, and Miriam warns us about the card sharps on the Titanic.

Diet Soap Podcast #91: Coffeen on Deleuze
February 17, 2011 12:56 PM PST
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Philosopher and rhetor Daniel Coffeen returns and repeats on the podcast this week and we discuss the french philosopher Gilles Deleuze. Also featured this week are clips from a Carlos Castaneda interview circa 1969 and sound collages about Bishop George Berkeley and perception. Miriam presents a Titanic factoid.
In Lain household news the chickens are laying again.

Diet Soap Podcast #80: Zizek's Ontology (pt. 2)
October 21, 2010 12:12 PM PDT
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This week you'll be hearing the second half of a conversation with Professor Adrian Johnston the author of Zizek's Ontology: A Transcendental Materialist Theory of Subjectivity. We'll discuss the various ways philosophy can intersect with and help reshape everyday life and attempts to change it. Part two of my essay on the ontology of Project Blue Beam, which is an excerpt from the Pick Your Battle book project, some excerpts from Zizek's lectures, along with a Titanic factoid can also be heard.

Diet Soap Podcast #79: Zizek's Ontology
October 14, 2010 12:49 AM PDT
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The guest this week is Professor Adrian Johnston the author of the book Zizek's Ontology: A Transcendental Materialist Theory of Subjectivity. We discuss Zizek's ontology, along with the ontological and epistemological ideas in the works of John Locke, Immanuel Kant, Bishop George Berkeley, and that big German guy Hegel. My son Benjamin appears briefly to discuss the movie Tron, and Miriam presents the Titanic factoid.

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